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Creative methodologies for art school change

Creative methodologies for art school change

ACUADS 2013, University of New South Wales, College of Fine Art.


Artists are an integral part of society because they stimulate reflection and respond to the world in interesting and often challenging ways.  In order to be effective in this role artists’ benefit from rigorous training in the form of a contemporary art education that provides the conditions for students to experience being an artist. However, changes in contemporary art and student learning are calling for change in approaches to educational practice. The location of both art education and practice is expanding from the studio to the tutorial room to the cloud. Contemporary art schools face the challenge of integrating the substantial strengths of their historical practices with new ideas and models of art and education.

Engaging tertiary lecturers in change can be a complex, difficult and innately creative process.  Given that creative practice is the core activity of art schools, change processes may benefit from applying creative research methodologies.  This paper discusses the advantage of using this approach as a way to instigate change and secure academic buy-in for significant curriculum review.

The discussion focuses on a major change project undertaken within an urban Australian art school and outlines the methodology used to initiate, design, and implement change. It also reflects on the impact and challenges of integrating and foregrounding technology into a re-envisioned undergraduate art curriculum.

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