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Shane Hulbert, Oak Park, 2008. 105 x 135cm Archival inkjet print from digital scan original.

RMIT School of Art Project Space – April 3 to May 1 2009

The images in this show all reflect on an exploration of intersecting territories within Australia and the Chinese Special Administrative Region [SAR] of Hong Kong. Central to this exploration are the cultural linkages between claimed and reclaimed territories, social territories and psychological territories and the way this in turn influences national identity. The claim is that these things of importance, and the way we respond to the notion of territory, have recurring similarities between different cultures. Despite the broadness of the title, the notion of territories is becoming increasingly relevant in a global community, as the traditional borderlines and barriers that define who we are and what we stand for as a culture change in response to internal and external shifts.


Shane Hulbert (Curator) (Aus)
John Billan (Aus)
So Hing Keung (Hong Kong)
Stephanie Neoh (Aus)
Darren Sylvester (Aus)
Ming Tse Chong (Hong Kong)
Kellyann Geurts (Aus)
Andrew Guthrie (Hong Kong)
Kim Lawler (Aus)
Law Sum Po Jamsen (Hong Kong)
Lukas Tam (Hong Kong)
Lyndal Walker (Aus)

Project Space / Territories

Essay Territories: Contemporary Photographic Work from Australia and China, by Elizabeth Grierson

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